Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Science is Fun

According to his website, www.scifun.org, University of Wisconsin-Madison chemistry professor Bassam Shakhashiri is "known internationally for his development use demonstrations the teaching of chemistry classrooms well in less formal settings such as convention centers, shopping malls and retirement homes." Shopping malls!

A nice-looking site with Experiments You Can Do at Home, a Chemical of the Week archive, and lists of chemistry books and websites, all suitable for kids middle school and up.

An interesting note: Many of my favorite websites for teaching history to kids belong to elementary or middle school teachers, but so far the best resources for chemistry at home seem to come from college professors. There are also a few good ones for preschoolers and younger kids -- but where are the middle and high school chemistry teachers? Are they all too busy cramming facts into the kids for the SATs?

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