Saturday, December 1, 2007

Crystal Garden continued

Day 2 Day 4

Our damp blue piles of salt are not as garden-like as I hoped. I knew there were different versions of this project, but I wanted to try the easiest first. Now that we have proved it's not so simple (at least not for us), I've done some searching and found some areas to fiddle with:
  • We can use distilled water instead of tap water.
  • We can use un-iodized salt.
  • We can add ammonia to the mix.
  • We can combine the ingredients first, letting the salt dissolve in the liquid, before pouring over the base.
  • We can use less stuff or a bigger base.
Barring major snowstorm, we will try to get ahold of some distilled water, un-iodized salt, and some aluminum pie pans and give this another go on Monday. Maybe I'll also pick up one of these:

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