Friday, October 26, 2007


Ken Denmead of Wired Magazine's Geekdad blog has posted a link to Home Chemistry this morning that mentions a thermite explosion. Theo Gray, he of the lovely Periodic Table, suggests trying some liquid nitrogen ice cream.

My list of goals for our Home Chemistry project, so far, does include freezing stuff and perhaps a small explosion. (I also want to try growing some crystals.) But nothing that risks life, limb, or the kitchen table.

So I'm taking suggestions. What freezing, exploding, or other experiments should we try -- or NOT try?


Unknown said...

Try making some negative x from the site

This lovely experiment involves starting a fire with water! Be sure to do it outside, on a fire-safe surface, and STAND BACK!!!

Anonymous said...

well, if you have some thermite and a big block of ice, you have an experiment. place the thermite 11 inches above the ice (makeing sure the ice is 3 feet tall) ignite the thermite and wait for an explosion.