Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hey Homeschoolers! I Need Your Help...

A commenter over at GeekDad (where I am now one of two homeschooling mom contributors!) wanted to know if there were any geeky (science and tech oriented) homeschooling blogs. What are your favorites? Please comment!

UPDATE: The GeekDad post is here. Somehow I think I missed a few good ones, but I'll try to add them to the sidebars of my blogs soon.


Ruskin said...

I love your blogs and Ruth's at but I haven't found nearly enough :-)

Think challenge is a fantastic engineering blog which is well loved by us too

whatsonox said...

I'm not quite a homeschooler but since moving to France from the UK I've tried to help the children keep up with their classmates in England.

More science links would be very much appreciated.

I do like the following maths sites which have helped me explain long division (even though the French and the English write it down very differently) and have kept the children amused.

KC said...

I have a few:

Argonne National Laboratory's Ask a Scientist Archives -

DIY Science (

Lots of websites here at KidsWorld Science and Math:

KC said...

Oh, carp - you said homeschooling blogs. Sorry. The aforementioned was more just math and science links.

As far as science/tech homeschooling blog, I'm doing more math and science after school with the kids, does that count?

KC said...

Let's Play Math is a fun math blog

Kathy Ceceri said...

@KC- The original request was for homeschool blogs, but that doesn't mean I can't include others (or do more than one post). I'll see what I end up with and then decide how to present it.

Thanks to all for your suggestions!

Kris said...

I posted this at the Home Biology blog, too.

I have a homeschool science blog that you may (or not, LOL) find interesting!

It is At Home Science.

KC said...

Kris thanks for posting. I love your blog.

Kathy - I decided to make a science specific blog The Exploration Station
because the Growing In Peace one is getting really too broad (and I have lots more science projects I want to do). So, if you want to fix the link under your Homeschool-y Science-y links, please go ahead. Thanks.

Kathy Ceceri said...

I've added the homeschooling blog links you all mentioned to the sidebar. (I need to put that sidebar on my Home Biology blog too).

I think I've got enough for a GeekDad post, with perhaps a follow-up another time on general science ed blogs.

Thanks again!

Kim said...

It may be too late (though I haven't seen your post on GeekDad yet), but I like to concentrate on science and technology on my blog about homeschooling:

Anonymous said...

Having Homeschool woes? My friends run a homeschool-handy website called heyhomeschoolers.