Sunday, April 13, 2008


Elementeo is a strategic battle game where you use your elements across the battlefield in reducing opponent’s electrons to zero. You do that by harnessing the strength and moving properties of the elements and compounds, and by using their reactionary powers. For example, Oxygen can rust any neighboring metal or Copper Conductor can shock any metals and send them back to the deck. According to the game's inventor, Anshul Samar, an eighth grader:
Each card has fantasy, education, and fun all mixed in. From the educational side, one card contains the atomic number, elements family, atomic mass, state at room temperature, oxidation state, and symbol of one element. Compound cards include formulas and how dangerous or flammable the compound is in our world. Alchemy cards go over a wide range of chemistry and physics subjects.
The game should be available the end of this month at the Elementeo website.

Thanks to my friends at Geekdad!


Anonymous said...

Wow. It's like an uber nerdy version of D&D. I love it!

Ruskin said...

This looks fantastic. This looks like the combination of the two things our children are really into right now: magic cards and elements. Chemistry is cool!