Thursday, December 8, 2011

Interested in Robotics?

I've been hard at work on a new activity book for kids from Nomad Press. It's called Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future and includes projects from a range of area -- including chemistry! I'll be starting a companion blog to the book as soon as the writing is done.

In the meantime, check out news about the book and robotics in general on my new Facebook page!


Tutor said...

Any idea on when the book comes out? My niece has always been interested in robotics.

Kathy Ceceri said...

The book comes out August 2012. I can't wait!

You can order it through the Amazon link above or directly from Nomad Press.

If you want a reminder, go to Facebook and "Like" the book's fan page.

Thanks for asking!